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App to improve your thinking

We offer personalized affirmations, daily repetition, and audiovisual stimulation.


ABOUT ThoughtFlipper

Are you tired of negative thoughts holding you back? Do you wish you could transform your mindset and cultivate a more positive outlook on life? Look no further than ThoughtFlipper, the revolutionary app designed to uplift your thinking and empower you to embrace positivity every single day.

With ThoughtFlipper, you’ll experience a groundbreaking approach to improving your mental well-being. Our app combines cutting-edge technology with the power of positive affirmations and repetition to help you rewire your thinking patterns and unlock your true potential.

Our Features

Personalized affirmations

Record and listen to positive thoughts to rewire your brain!

CBT Coach

CBT coach to help improve thinking through cognitive and behavioral methods!

Progress tracking

Track anxiety and depression against ThoughtFlipper usage to see improvement!


Don’t let negative thoughts hold you back from living your best life. Download ThoughtFlipper today and unlock a world of positivity, self-belief, and personal growth. It’s time to take control of your thinking and embrace the power of positive thoughts. Remember, your mind is a powerful tool – let ThoughtFlipper help you harness its true potential.


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